Pay Day Zen

Pay Day

Reaching Pay Day Zen

One of the things I love most about my new saving lifestyle is that I forget when I am going to get paid. Since paying off all my credit card (CC) debts, getting paid is just a nice surprise. Formerly, it was necessity that was preceded by the stress of juggling current account and CC balances for the last few days of the month. Now, though, seeing the very nice lady who hands out our pay slips on a biweekly basis is a genuine surprise. Pay day seems to come around faster, too.

The Bliss of Reaching Pay Day Zen

The freedom from stress is amazing. It is just gone. At first I honestly didn’t understand what I was feeling, everything I did was just more fun and I couldn’t figure out why. Then it hit me, there is just a total lack of background worry in my life and it is something I have never before experienced in my adult life. I just didn’t recognize the feeling for what it was: an absence of worry.

I suppose this is something like what life is like before middle school: not a worry in the world, someone else to pay for everything, no stress of exams, and no peer pressure to wear the right clothes and be cool, etc. Then you hit middle school and there is bullying, peer pressure, more exams, and everyone is awkward (including you). This carries on through high school and the first year of college, until you transition into a fully functioning adult. You get comfortable with yourself, and realize none of that stuff matters because you are awesome and if someone doesn’t like you, it is their loss.

During that transition, like pretty much everyone else in our society, I swapped peer stress for self-imposed financial stress. There are real stressful things like work, family ect., and that carries on, but all that real stress is compounded by the constant background financial stress. Similarly to when you are more grumpy or on edge about everything because you feel sick or your feet hurt. You don’t mean to be, and don’t see the correlation between the two, but it is there, it is real, and it subtly affects your entire life.

Nothing except my financial situation has changed; I have the same job, the same pay, the same lovely girlfriend, the same diet, the same exercise routine (or lack there of).  The only things that have changed in the last 6 months are my living arrangement (the move to the Van), which was a little downgrade from my apartment, and the fact that I no longer have debt to juggle.

If for not other reason than to experience this felling I suggest you knuckle down and ditch that debt.

Re-reading this post it, sounds kind of braggy (and kinda like I am stoned), but honestly, this is something I did not expect and is something I think everyone should try (and I am not stoned). It feels like I have already retired and that life is just for the living.

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